Tuesday 3 June 2014

New teleprompter

We've been shooting numerous corporate videos recently, and the need for a portable teleprompter has become apparent.

A teleprompter is a device that allows text to be projected in front of the camera lens, so an interview subject can read the text while looking directly into the camera. This makes for a more natural performance without the need to memorise lines.

We have just ordered a product called the PRomptBox:

It is a small, portable teleprompter that uses an iPad, Android tablet or Smartphone (we'll be using our Nexus 7 tablet). Setup is as simple as inputting the text into an app and selecting the scroll speed. And best of all, it folds down flat in seconds to fit in a small bag!

We're constantly adding to our arsenal of professional equipment with gear like this. Stay tuned for more updates once the teleprompter arrives!